Waterproof Digital Action Camera

  1. Action Camera Overview
    • Brief overview of waterproof digital action cameras
  2. Features of the SJ4000
    • 2-inch LCD screen
    • Waterproof case and diving capabilities
    • Various shooting modes
    • Multilingual support
  3. Technical Specifications
    • Display screen, recording format, video format, picture pixels
    • WIFI function, wide-angle lens, waterproof level
    • Remote control, USB mode, battery, memory
  4. Standard Package Inclusions
    • Camera, waterproof case, bicycle bracket, strap, helmet seat, adapter, data line, camera stand, instruction manual
  5. Note about TF card not included
  6. Recording Format and Picture Details
    • JPEG for pictures, AVI for videos
  7. Screen Type and Sensor
    • HD screen, CMOS sensor
  8. Viewfinder and Storage Type
    • Optical viewfinder, SD card storage
  9. Memory Card Type and Display Size
    • MicroSD/TF, 2-3 inches display size
  10. Weight and Lens Type
    • Weight range, periscope lens
  11. Power Mode and Focal Length
    • Lithium battery, focal length details
  12. Image Resolution and Sensor Size
    • Video resolution, sensor size
  13. Special Features
    • Waterproof and shockproof capabilities
    • Electronic Image Stabilization
  14. Brand and Origin Information
    • Brand name, origin details
  15. Certifications and Additional Information
    • Certification status, machine material, package details

Waterproof Digital Action Camera Video Camera CMOS Sensor Wide Angle Lens 1080P Sports Camera Profesional

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